an Outdoor Broadcasting van for small to medium live productions.

Available for rent for your production crew or fully staffed. 

Based in Estonia, but built to travel.

  • up to 8 camera productions

  • up to 4 camera instant replays

  • Perfect for live broadcasting of outdoor sports events

  • Fully autonomous with stunningly fast setup times.

  • Prices starting from 900€/day



Fully autonomous

theOBvan is built to be completely operational while on the move with wireless connections, however, for perfect reliability we suggest use hardwired cameras with high quality Fiber, SDI or HDMI connections that can be connected within seconds after becoming stationary.

You will not be wasting your time searching for a reliable power source and your production won't be halted if the generator promised is not delivered on time or the powercord won't reach you. theOBvan is equipped for internal powerbank for itself and mobile powerbanks for cameramen for even the longest streams.


made for actual people

theOBvan is built for long livestreams of sports events and we aim to provide the most comfortable workstations. Coming from front to back:

  • Drivers seat is generally left unused but can be used for commentator.

  • Technician or commentator workplace on the passanger seat.

  • Technician or replay workplace in the middle

  • At the back: Directors workplace with ATEM control, audio control and intercom with cameramen and our technician.

  • Additional workplace for the wizard of graphics, replays or audio as  per project needs.



service for professionals by professionals

theOBvan is always sent out with a qualified technicial who knows the heart and soul of it and is at your team's service for the entire production. We don't care if you need the cameras reassigned or your operator needs a bottle of water. The technicial is there to help you make your epic production.

Whenever idle, our technician is monitoring the feed actually seen by your viewers to help you discover any problems that the director may miss when making the perfect production.


Aimed for small to medium productions

We aim to serve professionals for projects where full size OBvans are simply way too expensive but high quality is expected. But we also have one reasonably priced full production option for your Facebook or Youtube live.

*theOBvan is based in Tallinn, Estonia but is built to travel, please note that transport charge of 0.5€/km may apply.

All prices presented are without VAT.


Turn-key service for corporate customers

More than often "better than the competitor" is just professional enough. If your quality standards simply won't allow to do shaky mobile phone live stream but you can't justify 4 figure invoices for full blown professional production you could rent our van with a technician for a full service professional stream that includes

  • Your pre-roll and countdown

  • Your corporate logos, additional graphics or mid-roll videos

  • Professional two camera switching by our technician who takes care of the entire production.

  • All the equipment needed

This is a perfect solution for simple product demos, Q&A sessions etc.

Price 450€ / max 2 hours of live streaming


For video production companies

Be it a sports event or concert or a seminar. theOBvan comes fully equipped for you to connect your cameras, seat the crew and start streaming. Our technician is there to help you with whatever needs to be done but you are fully in charge of the final result.


  • The van with everything needed for workstations ready for you to connect your own cameras

  • a technician to help you with setup and monitoring

  • Wired and wireless intercoms

  • an ample supply of converters/cabling/backup cameras etc at your disposal for small additional charge.

  • Detailed list of features

Price 900€ / 12h on site


your production, fully equipped

theOBvan can be fully equipped with reasonably priced or high end production cameras, and we can serve the van fully staffed by our partners. We can provide wireless videolinks, screens for spectators, projectors or even with an awesome outdoor LED screens from our partners. Hell, if our 6 camera production won't cut it we can even add another van to the package to bring the camera count to 12.

Fully transparent pricing will be quoted by our consultant dependant on your specific needs. All staffing will be done by professional production partners.


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